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Meet our revolutionary Seawater Pipetting Robot – REEFMASTER makes seawater aquarium maintenance as easy as handling a coffee machine. Enjoy peace of mind and vibrant marine life, while REEFMASTER PIPER takes care of your aquarium.

go fish!

REEFMASTER is dedicated to revolutionise simple seawater aquarium maintenance through connected appliance and AI-powered technology.
While PIPER is managing your aquarium, you might as well go on a holiday ... or go fish!

how does piper work?

As a fully automated and autonomous pipetting device, PIPER uses droplet tests to measure vital seawater values such as Kh, Ca, Mg, NO3 and PO4 and automatically doses stock solutions, filtering and regulating the water on an ongoing basis. PIPER is controlled through a smartphone App and uploads the data to an AI-powered cloud through your home Wifi.

clever brains and watchful eyes

Reefmaster PIPER automatically takes water measurements and interprets the results, using commercially available standard reagents.

How does it work?

Water is being pumped into a measuring vessel. PIPER optically determines the filling level and starts adding the reagents drop by drop - counting them at the same time, while optically registering the color change. PIPER's sensors can either control the addition of drops until a color change occurs (such as for Kh, Ca and Mg measurements), or deliver a set number of drops and compare the resulting water color to the relevant color scale (e.g. for NO3 and PO3 tests).

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To enjoy all benefits of a clean, stable and healthy seawater aquarium.


  • No need to worry about water conditions in your aquarium
  • Maintain healthy water values with no additional inputs except restocking reagents
  • Enjoy a clean aquarium and thriving seawater life without daily and weekly interventions

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coming soon: reefmaster app

The REEFMASTER app takes full control of your aquarium maintenance. Or... how about that: From now on, just let our clever AI do the boring work for you!

about reefmaster

REEFMASTER is based in the heart of the Austrian Alps – and that's where a team of dedicated software and mechanical engineers got together to make it easy and convenient to enjoy marine life in the comfort of your home. Since maintaining a seawater aquarium usually requires a lot of knowledge, a strict and demanding maintenance regime as well as a lot of devices, REEFMASTER set out to develop a fully autonomous and AI-powered Pipetting Robot that manages water values, keeps the aquarium clean and feeds your marine life.

In 2021, REEFMASTER will launch PIPER with an initial crowdfunding-campaign. Stay tuned – seawater aquarium maintenance is going to be revolutionised!

Stefan Kofler, CEO
Britta Schmitt, software
Hendrik Eck, chemical expert
Renate Herrnegger, marketing
Branimir Tadic, product development & design
Antonio Jušić, product developing
Anton Frlan, AI Developer
Annika Bulke, quality assurance

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