Preserving reef biodiversity
Revolutionizing reef aquaristics
Operate the aquarium
as simple as a coffee machine.

preserves the biodiversity of corals

Climate change and the associated warming of the oceans pose an enormous threat to biodiversity in coral reefs.

In order to preserve this biodiversity, research is already being carried out into ways of keeping and propagating a variety of corals in breeding facilities so that they can be reintroduced to reefs. However, many coral species are difficult to keep as they are demanding and sensitive.

Our mission is to develop a fully automated seawater aquarium that enables these demanding species to be kept. The measurement data generated by our devices will also be used to gain new insights into the husbandry of reef organisms. This means that every user of our devices is part of an innovative scientific project and can make a personal contribution to the conservation of corals and other endangered reef inhabitants.

Our first device:

The Reefmaster Piper.

simplifying seawater technology

Get to know our revolutionary seawater measuring robot!
The PIPER makes checking your water values as easy as operating a coffee machine. Monitoring with the PIPER allows you to go on vacation without the risk of undetected fluctuations in your water values.

How does it work?

As a fully automatic and autonomous measuring device, the PIPER uses titration tests and photometry to determine the 5 most important chemical parameters KH, Ca, Mg, NO3 and PO4. Thanks to this measurement method and the absence of vulnerable probes, the PIPER is maintenance-free and the integrated AI ensures that serious errors can be avoided.

In development:

The Reefmaster dosing unit.

This innovative product, which is based on the proven technology of our REEFMASTER PIPER, is designed to automatically keep the water values of your aquarium in the optimum range. This means that the water values can not only be monitored, but also adjusted and stabilized. Malfunctions of individual components such as pumps can be prevented by the integrated AI. Stay tuned for another advanced tool that will revolutionize the maintenance of your underwater paradise.

The next innovation:

Mastering the balance of biology.

At REEFMASTER, our expertise lies in the development of high-tech for marine aquariums. Building on this foundation, we dedicate ourselves to research to ensure an optimal basic biological supply for even the most demanding coral species, which previously could only be maintained with great effort. Our goal is to push the boundaries of what is possible and revolutionize your aquarium experience.

coming soon: reefmaster app

The REEFMASTER APP allows you to control your devices, set test times and track your measured values.

about reefmaster

REEFMASTER is based in the heart of the Austrian Alps - where a team of dedicated software and mechanical engineers, chemists and biologists have come together to revolutionize reef aquaristics and contribute to the protection of biodiversity. The aim is to develop a fully autonomous marine aquarium that makes it possible to keep and propagate sophisticated corals. At home, but also in large breeding and research facilities!

Stefan Kofler, CEO
Britta Schmitt, software
Hendrik Eck, head of research
Johannes Perfler, project management
Annika Bulke, biologist
Branimir Tadic, product development & design
Antonio Jušić, product developing
Anton Frlan, AI Developer
Andrada Wede, office management
Leonie Hartlieb, student assistant
Otega Ovie, software developer

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